• Rebecca Martinez, PhD, HSPP

    Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor, and Founder

    “I love it when my clients bravely face life on life’s terms with dignity and grace .”

    I have 20 years of experience in academia as a tenured professor in a research-intensive university. I specialize in working with women navigating academia (i.e., graduate students, researchers, and faculty) and mothers balancing work and life. However, I have worked with individuals experiencing a wide range of psychological distress

    I work with individuals experiencing a wide range of psychological distress. The concerns I readily address in my practice include:

    – Navigating neurodiversity (autism spectrum, Asperger’s) in adulthood, especially for women

    – Depression and anxiety

    – Life transitions and adjustment difficulties

    – Difficulties navigating college/graduate school/tenure track

    – Identity issues, including ethnic, racial/multiracial identities, and gender identity

    – Experiences of sexism, racism, and ableism (especially in academia)

    – Matters of parenting and motherhood, including parenting children with disabilities

    – School, career, and employment distress